Autumn Show and Sale 2020




Friday 25th September 2020


Swatragh Livestock Market

 Maghera, Co. Derry/Londonderry/Contae Dhoire, N. Ireland

(on the main Cookstown to Coleraine Line)

Show – 4.30pm            Sale 7.30pm

Judge – Ciara White

The show and sale will be open to all ages of premium breeding stock (including embryos). All cattle presented to the sale must be halter broke and shown in the appropriate class. All cattle in attendance will have to pass a Society inspection to be allowed admission.

The sale will facilitate breeders from all three constituencies wishing to sell stock;

– All N. Ireland entries will have to exhibit their stock at Swatragh Livestock Market at the Show and Sale (entry fee £20 per animal

– ROI and GB entries will be for sale by catalogue advert (restricted to two entries per breeder). Entry owners from ROI and GB will be expected to hold pre-sale viewing days for potential buyers. These entries must also be halter broke and will be inspected by a Society official.  (Entry per animal from ROI and GB in the Catalogue £15)

All entry owners in all constituencies will be expected to facilitate the export of the animal if the new purchaser is from a different constituency. The seller should be prepared to bring the animal home from the sale for a period of 30 days and cover all export test costs. It will be the responsibility of the buyer to cover the transport costs.

Presently Swatragh Livestock Mart cannot accommodate online bidding but that could change by June.  There are enquiries presently whether the Mart can take telephone bids or do livestreaming.

The Irish Moiled Cattle Society is organising a Society fundraising raffle, with the chance of winning a pedigree Irish Moiled heifer, tickets will be priced at £10 and sold throughout the year. The draw of the heifer will take place on the day of the sale, with the winner having the option of entering the heifer in the sale.

Show classes;

*Senior Male (registered pedigree bull born before 01/01/2018)

*Senior Female (registered pedigree Irish Moiled female born before 01/01/2018)

*Junior Male (registered pedigree Irish Moiled male born between 01/01/2018 and 31/08/2019)

*Junior Female (registered pedigree Irish Moiled heifer born between 01/01/2018 and 31/08/2019

*Autumn Born Bull Calf (registered pedigree Irish Moiled bull calf born between 01/09/2019 and 31/12/2019)

*Autumn born heifer calf (registered pedigree Irish Moiled heifer calf born between 01/09/2019 and 31/12/2019)

*Spring Born Bull Calf – Spring born bull calf (registered pedigree Irish Moiled bull calf born after 01/01/2020)

*Spring born Heifer Calf (registered pedigree Irish Moiled heifer calf born after 01/01/2020)

*Crossbred Maiden heifer (half bred Irish Moiled heifer born in 2019).  The heifer must have either a pedigree Irish Moiled sire or a pedigree Irish Moiled dam)

*Crossbred heifer calf (half bred Irish Moiled heifer calf born after 01/01/2020).  The calf must have either a pedigree Irish Moiled sire or a pedigree Irish Moiled dam)

Pedigree Calf championship – Open to 1st and 2nd prize winners in the following four classes;

* Autumn born bull calf class

* Autumn born heifer calf class

* Spring born bull calf class

* Spring born heifer calf class

As a guide the show classes are as follows however classes and sale conditions may be subject to change until entries formally open

 Basic Animal Health and Husbandry tips for breeders to use for the sale

  1. Maiden Heifers should be guaranteed not in calf. Any heifers intending to be sold at the sale should be kept away from all breeding males from at least 4 months of age.
  2. Heifers that are ‘non-breeders’ should not be entered in the sale, these include heifers that have been served multiple times that have not went in calf and heifers that are twins to bulls that have not had a negative Freemartinism blood result.
  3. In calf heifers should be guaranteed in calf, they should be accompanied by a veterinary pregnancy certificate. The service bull or bull’s details should be included in the catalogue and the service date if possible should be stated.
  4. In calf heifers should be vaccinated for BVD prior to service in order to protect the new born calf from BVD.
  5. Bulls should have 2 evenly sized testicles of ‘good’ consistency. The circumference of both testicles should measure at least 30 cms in bulls over 15 months of age.

If a maiden heifer is sold in calf, or if an in calf heifer is sold not in calf without a vet pregnancy cert or if a BVD persistently infected calf is born out of an in calf heifer then the seller will be held responsible.

All animals sold in the sale should be free from disease. They should be from a herd that is TB free, they should be officially tested negative for BVD and the dam of all entries should show no signs of Johnes disease. No ringworm should be present. All animals should have good locomotion with no lameness present.

Watch this space for further updates or Contact the Breed Secretary

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