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Registration/BN forms

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Please click on the links on the left to download Birth Notification (BN) and Registration/DNA labels.

Registration/DNA labels and hair sample bags are available free of charge by contacting the Breed Secretary

All animals should ideally be Birth Notified by the time they are 30 days old and must be Birth Notified in order to register them. All females should be registered by the time they are 1 year old.

For more information on the registration process, fees etc please check out the society rules

Birth Notification form - As of November 2012 a new birth notification form is in use detailing 'calving ease' and 'colour'.

The Society wishes to build up a history of 'calving ease' and 'colour' in connection with our recent Breed Standard and Classification. In the future this may lead to more detail being printed on Pedigree Certificates but at present we would like you to tick one box for 'calving ease' and one for 'colour' that best represents the calf being Birth Notified.

Here is a guide for the colour options, please choose the one which best represents the animal being Birth Notified.

Mainly White - A predominantly white animal with red ears with or without a red band around the nose, some in this category may also have a small amount of red on the rib and or neck region.

50/50 -
Around 50% red and 50% white. Some in this category may have a large proportion of white with a fair amount of red over ribs and usually will have some red on the neck.

Typically Marked -
As close to the preferred colour as possible, predominantly red (70-80%) with a broad white stripe the full length of back (no broken lines), white underparts and ideally a white patch on thigh. Red ears, nose and a mottled or flecked face, which may be fairly dark or light in colour.

Mainly Red -
Predominantly red animals, this would include animals with a broken, very thin or no white stripe down the back at all and with or without a little white around the head often with just a white star. Under parts are usually white in particular the udder and inside of legs.

Please remember the form must be fully completed in order for the birth notification to be processed. The details can be emailed or posted to the Breed Secretary.

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