Brexit Update – December 2020

Brexit update

Dear Members

Following on from my update at the end of October. The Brexit committee of the Irish Moiled Cattle Society have been working tirelessly to make sure we have the necessary structures in place by January 1st 2021.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the committee for their unprecedented commitment to finding a solution to the problems. The use of online meetings a few months ago were very new to most of us, but we have become very accustomed to them over the last few weeks.

At the start of this process the appointed directors of the society made a unanimous decision to proceed towards a goal that ensured the Society and the Breed moved forward in this new era as one united identity. The aim was that no one from the three constituencies would be left behind, or excluded from any part of the Society, or their animals from the Herd book.

The first action required was to set about moving the Company address to a place under the jurisdiction of the European Union. An address in Co Donegal as part of Ulster was selected as recognition of the origins of the breed.

This process is currently underway with the establishment of a Friendly Society with Articles and memorandums reflecting our existing ones. There will be no change in the name, and the Company will be known as The Irish Moiled Cattle Society as it presently is.

Extensive work has been carried out to meet current legislation in the form of the production of a Breeding Programme. A breeding programme is a legal document that has to meet a set of rules and conditions in order for the Society to be officially recognised and enable Pedigree business to take part in zootechnical trade after January 1st 2021.

What this means to you:-

The day to day running of the Society will continue as normal

Hair Samples can still be forwarded to Gillian for processing or for the relevant Republic of Ireland members directly to ICBF. All Birth Notification must be forwarded to the society and all certificates will be issued by the society.

 The relevant DNA testing will still be carried out by Weatherbys lab as is currently the case.

The Herd book will still be accessible through the current online Grassroots system.

Classification and coefficients will continue through the registrar with no change from the present.

There will be a change in our bank details in the new year and all members will be notified in due course.

All animals being moved outside their current Jurisdiction will need to be accompanied by an up to date zootechnical certificate issued by the breed secretary. Further details on this process will be issued in due course.

These changes have offered a fantastic opportunity for the Society  to progress the breed.

The society has had the opportunity to facilitate on expert advise on the day to day running of a Breeding Programme. Clarity has been obtained on a few issues, such as Horns and Scurs. Updates will follow in due course.

The Board of Directors feel this move will offer opportunities for the members to avail of a host of breeding aids through the tool of Genomic evaluation which we hope will be available to all interested Breeders. This will start with all breeding bulls being subject to a full Genomic evaluation.

This is a new and exciting development for the breed and ensures The Irish Moiled Cattle Society and the Breed will be at the forefront of new technology.

If anyone has any question or needs further clarification you can contact myself, the breed secretary or any of our team of directors representing all constituencies.

Brian O’Kane


Irish Moiled Cattle Society