Irish Moilie Beef Scheme

The Irish Moilie Beef Scheme provides membership for the whole supply chain of purveyors of Irish Moilie Beef. Right from breeder to finisher to butcher, farm to fork beef box schemes right through to wholesalers and restaurants across the UK and Ireland. Throughout the chain all animals can be certified as pure bred Irish Moiled being accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity backed up by 10 years of parentage proving DNA testing. No matter your scale of supply being a member of the scheme can offer you that support network and unique selling point to help promote a fantastic local, quality product which is highly sought after by the consumer.

Benefits of Registration

  1. Help in sourcing Irish Moiled Beef through the group Facebook page and website.
  2. Free posts on the Irish Moiled Cattle Society’s Facebook pages and a listing on the website as a registered purveyor.
  3. Certificate of Authenticity with every beef animal proving it is progeny of a registered Irish Moiled Dam and Sire
  4. Membership will be limited and by approval only.
  5. Registration is a sign of authenticity and emphasise quality and excellence.
  6. Membership helps create a specialist’s aspect to your business.
  7. It shows an awareness for the need to promote a very rare, local and sustainable breed.
  8. You will become a member of a dedicated team of breeders and purveyors.

Recommendations for Rearing Traditional Farmed Certified Irish Moilie Beef

Guidance on rearing Certified Irish Moilie Beef

Case Studies

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Breeder to Butcher

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How to Join

Application Form

Become a member of the Irish Moilie Beef Scheme

Scheme Rules

  • All Members of the Irish Moilie Beef Scheme must adhere to the rules of the Irish Moiled Cattle Society (See Society Rules)
  • For an animal to gain a Certificate of Authenticity it must be eligible to be Birth Notified to the Irish Moiled Cattle Society Herdbook (see Society Rules.)
  • Any member of the Irish Moilie Beef Scheme is eligible to apply for a Certificate of Authenticity provided it has been Birth notified to the Irish Moiled Cattle Society.
  • The Society reserves the right to request a hair sample of any beef animal applying for a Certificate of Authenticity to ensure the integrity of the Scheme

Further Information

For further information on the scheme please contact

Brian O’Kane Mobile +44 (0)7715539615