Chairman Update

Irish Moiled Cattle Society Chairperson Brian OKane and Breed Secretary Gillian Steele

An update below from our Chairperson Brian O’Kane…

 Hi folks,

Just a few words to recap on some activities that have taken place over the last couple of months in what have been difficult times for everyone. Late summer saw the inaugural virtual show taking place with a fantastic entry of cattle in the haltered and non-haltered sections with over 150 in total. Not only were the numbers large, the quality was fantastic showcasing a vast improvement in the breed over the last few years.  A special mention has to go to all those within the show committee for their hard work and to Mark Logan for his expertise in judging the show.  This has been a great success and we hope to repeat again next year.

In what seemed to be a very short few weeks, work began on holding an online sale and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team at Harrison and Heatherington (H&H) for their professional and helpful support in hosting the inaugural ‘Magnificent Moilies’ sale. Their contribution was invaluable especially in opening the sale up to a broader market, especially in England and Scotland where we have now significantly increased our profile. The ability for our members to participate from all three constituencies was vital.

 I would also like to thank the members of the board that from conception over a year ago has driven the concept to hold a world class sale into reality. Last but not least I would like to thank all the exhibitors and our new owners without whom we would not have had a sale.

This is a significant milestone in the development of the breed and I would like to  recognise the contribution of the members that have revived and nurtured the breed over the last 40 plus years.

We have weathered a storm and I feel we have emerged into a new environmental and cost-conscious world where our breed has become more relevant and very much a breed of the future and not a relic from the past. It is important that we champion our success and drive forward boasting the attributes the Irish Moiled brings to modern farming.

 These have been difficult times and the society has faced a few challenges that have taken time and planning to adapt and progress.

There are a number of areas involving moving labs and Brexit, that have been time consuming and are very much a daily challenge to the Society. The Brexit issue has become more of an issue in recent weeks with the news that one of the native breed societies is considering a split from their GB based body.

This has come about due to the threat of native breeds losing European funding in ROI in a no deal Scenario. The IMCS are in a better position as the herd book is held in NI not GB.

We are currently in discussion with the relevant departments in NI and ROI and are still hopeful that arrangements can be made through the Northern Ireland protocols. We are also working on a default position should this prove unattainable.

I would like to stress that the priority would be to stay as we are if at all possible. If this is unavoidable then all necessary steps will be taken to make any transition as smooth as possible with structures put in place to keep the breed moving forward as one.  I would like to thank the Directors that have come forward with their time and energy to help us move forward.

Our profile as a breed has never been so high and demand for animals is higher than ever before with much of this is down to the promotion of the breed and a consistent output from our PRO’S. I would encourage breeders and members to continue to send in any material they feel relevant, whether it be photos of your herd or that nice Moiled beef dinner you had at the weekend, it all helps.


Brian O’Kane