EGM – 1st October 2021

Notice of EGM

New rules on the registration and movement of pedigree animals as a result of Brexit have come into law.

The Board of the Irish Moiled Cattle Society have taken steps to ensure it will be able to continue to register all the animals within the three constituencies of GB, NI and ROI and also secure the ability to freely trade animals between these jurisdictions.

The only way to achieve this objective is to relocate the registered Company office of the Irish Moiled Cattle Society to within the jurisdiction of the European Union.

 The Society will come under the direction of DAFM with support from DAERA and DEFRA.

The EGM is the final part of the process.

This process has been on going for a number of years accelerating over the last 12 months further information can be found on the IMCS website .

Notice of EGM

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