Herdbook Login

The Society’s Online Herd Book designed by Grassroots Systems Ltd has been live now for approx. two years. Access to this is for fully paid members with a login and passcode.

It is an interactive online herd book and contains all the information you would normally find in a published herd book.

Each member will be issued their login and passcode automatically after approval of their membership by the Board of Directors.

In order to access the online page please click the link above and enter your personal login details (as per your letter).

The Online herd book system is controlled and maintained by the Breed Secretary, it is important to remember that the data online is a ‘shadow’ of the live data held by the Breed Secretary.

There is no link between this and government run agricultural departments so it is important that you update your information with your Dept of Agriculture and the IMCS especially if you wish to claim grants.

Any transaction completed by members online must be downloaded by the Secretary to the IMCS live system. It also works in the opposite way and transactions completed by the Secretary will be uploaded to the online herd book. We aim to do this on a weekly basis.

After your online transaction i.e. notification of a death, has been completed you should receive an email confirming your actions.

At present members have access to:

Manage your Herd – notify deaths and transfers
Animal Search – this will display the animal’s details as well as progeny
Member Search – this will display name, prefix and region
Birth Notifications

Registrations continue to completed in the usual manner (see Registration Process)

I would urge you to check your personal details and ensure your GDPR consent has been completed. Please notify the breed secretary of any changes…or better still you can change it yourself online!

This relatively new service will be of benefit to all our members and enable herd management to become both more time and cost efficient for all involved. It has taken considerable resources to set up this online system and we trust members will enjoy the benefits.

Many of you may already use this system with other societies that you are involved in so feedback and suggestions would be beneficial.

As we develop and continue this online access we will keep you updated with information. We may occasionally email details or post reminders on our Facebook page, be sure to keep an eye. Any queries please email the Breed Secretary