Herd Profile: Sandyhill Irish Moileds

Sandyhill Herd Of Irish Moileds Based In Co. Sligo, Ireland

Tom Gannon owner of the Sandyhill herd based near Charlestown in Co. Sligo, Republic of Ireland purchased his first pedigree Irish Moiled animal in 2006, a two-year-old heifer called Swanthorpe Hula Hoop bred by Elizabeth Miller from Hampshire, England. The female line of the Hula Hoop heifer that was purchased can be traced back to the full bred Glenbrook Irish Moiled lines, the Glenbrook herd which was based in Co. Antrim, N. Ireland was one of only two pedigree Irish Moiled herds remaining worldwide in 1978.  All the animals in the Sandyhill herd exclusively descend from this original Hula Hoop heifer that was purchased and all the animals are descendants from A.I sires. The Sandyhill herd currently has fourteen females.

Swanthorpe Hula Hoop bred by Elizabeth Millar was the first Irish Moiled purchased by Tom Gannon

All of Tom’s Irish Moiled cows calve unassisted, they have good maternal characteristics with plenty of milk, great mothers that go back into calf with ease. The cattle are out all year round and only brought in to calve, once he sees the calf sucking then it’s back out to the field they go. 

Using 100% A.I gives Tom the advantage of using the best terminal genetics available. Choosing bulls that have figures showing good carcase weights, ease of calving, good docility crossed with his already maternal cow who has plenty of milk gives him a superb grass-based finishing animal which is what his farming system is all about and why the Moilies fit in so perfectly.

This is the first time that females are available to buy from the Sandyhill herd of Irish Moiled cattle. Tom is new to selling cattle online and feels it is a great opportunity provided by the Irish Moiled Cattle Society enabling him to enter and sell his cattle online through auctioneers H & H giving his stock a global audience without having to leave the farm until they are sold.  The Sandyhill herd has put forward in the Magnifient Moilie online sale two quality in-calf heifers. Both heifers are soon at note.

Sandyhill Mona, lot number 4 in the sale is by the A.I sire Macmann Bullagh-Bos out of a Pennielea Perseus cow and was A.I’d on the 15/02/2021 to Ravelglen Rocky, she is springing nicely, a typically coloured heifer and is easily handled.

Sandyhill Anna, lot number 6 in the sale is by the A.I sire Gortluchra Shamey-Boy out of Newbridge Darragh cow and was A.I’d on 25/01/2021 to Macmann Croker.  She is a lovely rich conker typically coloured heifer and is also easily handled.

For more information about the Magnificent Moilie Online Sale taking place from noon Thursday 14th Oct to Saturday 16th Oct through Auctioneers Harrison & Hetherington, Carlisle please visit their website harrisonandhetherington.co.uk or visit the Irish Moiled Cattle Society website/facebook page. It is important to register prior to the online sale with Harrison & Hetherington to enable you to bid.