International Show – Non Haltered Results


The non-haltered section of the Irish Moiled International Online Cattle Show commenced at 2:30pm on Sat 8th Aug 2020 under the expert eye of judge Mark Logan with a record number of 96 entries across 7 different classes.


The outstanding senior bull Woodbine Arthur exhibited by Christopher & Helen Kelly was crowned the overall non-haltered champion. Woodbine Arthur won comfortably the senior bull class and went on to clinch the senior championship title on his way to winning the overall championship. Woodbine Arthur is no stranger to the show ring having previously won reserve Irish Moiled breed champion at Tullamore show in 2016 as a yearling bull and repeated winning the same accolade in 2017 as a 2yr old bull for his breeders, and then owners, James and Ciara White.


The reserve overall non-haltered champion went to the senior cow winner Braefield Sarah exhibited by William Millar, a well-established breeder but a new face to showing Irish Moiled cattle. Braefield Sarah, a lovely well-built cow with excellent conformation and breed characteristic was never shown before but won the senior cow class which was the biggest class of the day with 24 entries. Sarah stood reserve to Arthur in both the senior championship and the overall championship.


The non-haltered junior champion award went to the junior bull class winner Samsonagh Bob and the non-haltered reserve junior champion went to the junior heifer class winner, Curraghnakeely Cherry 0518 both exhibited by N&M Moilies (Nigel Edwards & Michelle McCauley), both animals being quality examples of the breed.


The non-haltered calf championship was dominated by the heifer calves with Curraghnakeely Sylvia 0550 exhibited by N&M Moilies taking the non-haltered calf champion title with reserve going to Ravelglen Josie exhibited by Brian O’Kane. Both these heifer calves are well muscled with particularly good conformation a testimony of a definite breed improvement.


Other animals that took first prize in their class was a strong bull calf Curraghnakeely Gypsy King exhibited by N & M Moilies and an eye-catching senior heifer, Curraghnakeely Icicle 0481 exhibited by a new breeder James McHugh.

Judges’ Comments.

“My non haltered Supreme Champion, Woodbine Arthur, is the type of Irish Moiled bull I really admire with great length and muscling combined with a great set of feet and legs. His overall balance gave him the advantage over the 9-year-old Braefield Sarah in Reserve. I really admire her udder quality, rump structure and locomotion but she is just a little over conditioned to challenge my Champion today.”

Half-Bred Section

Nine half bred Irish Moiled females featured in this section of the online cattle show split into two age groups. Robert Boyle won the half-bred heifer born in 2019 class with a strong muscular 20-month-old heifer.  S & D O’Kane won the half-bred heifer born in 2020 class with a stretchy heifer.  Half bred Irish Moiled cross females are renowned for being easy kept, excellent mothers with an abundance of milk, making them an excellent suckler replacement. The past two years has seen an increased demand for Irish Moilie beef.

Novice Section

The final section of the show was the Novice Championships which was kindly sponsored by Aidan McAuley owner of the Ballyknock herd of Irish Moileds along with an anonymous sponsor who in combination put up three individual year’s free membership of the Irish Moiled Cattle Society for the winner in each of the three constituencies. This category of the competition was open to new breeders who had entered in both the haltered and non-haltered sections. Judge Mark Logan selected his novice champion and reserve champions in each of the regions, these novice champions and reserves then went head to head to compete in the Overall Novice Championship.


It was a memorable day for Anthony Gilsenan when he scooped the supreme overall novice championship, ROI championship and second place in a class of nine entries in the senior bull haltered class.  Having recently purchased Ravelglen Rocky as his stock bull for his Irish Moiled herd based at Killua Castle.  This tremendous bull has a strong show record, full of breed character and size, he will certainly be a formidable addition to the herd for new breeder Anthony.


Reserve overall novice champion and winner of the NI Novice Championship was awarded to William Millar with Braefield Sarah.  His attention to detail in breeding Irish Moiled cattle in his herd has paid off because his superb entry Braefield Sarah was an outstanding example of the breed.  Braefield Sarah took home three championship awards for William and the prestige honour of winning the biggest class of the day. She was most definitely a standout animal on show day.


Competition from each of the constituencies was outstanding with Linglass Bluebell a stylish year old heifer owned by Sally Crowe being crowned GB novice champion, this heifer had already caught Judge’s  Mark’s attention when he placed her second out of ten junior heifers in the non-haltered section with reserve novice going to Woodhouse Pearl 1 a lovely typically coloured Irish Moiled owned by Annamarie Stone.


NI Reserve Novice champion went to Fairy Glen Padraig owned by S & D O’Kane, a very correct stylish bull who had previously taken third place in the non-haltered senior bull class.


ROI Reserve novice champion was awarded to Fairy Glen Cuchalainn a well grown, nicely presented Irish Moiled bull who had taken third place earlier in the day in the Junior bull class exhibited by Patrick Ferry.

Once again, the IMCS would like to thank everyone who took part, to Judge Mark Logan and sponsors. To every person who purchased raffle tickets to win an Irish Moiled heifer “Beechmount Eve” in place of an entry fee.  Tickets are still available and can be purchased through the Irish Moiled Cattle Society website.


Several of the prize winning Irish Moiled cattle will feature in the Magnificent Moilies online timed auction being conducted by H & H, Auctioneers from noon on Thursday 25th September 2020 concluding at noon on Saturday 26th September 2020.  For further details please contact breed secretary Gillian at




Senior Bull Class  

1st C & H Kelly – Woodbine Arthur

2nd Brian O’Kane – Tully Spartacus

3rd S&D O’Kane – Fairy Glen

4th William Edwards – Waikato Alister

5th Nick Maskery – Ballyreagh Limited Edition

Cow Class (Born Before 1st Jan 2018)

1st William Millar – Braefield Sarah

2nd Robert Boyle – Clandeboye Larissa

3rd Sam Smiley – Glassdrummond Cherry 41

4th C & H Kelly – Derrynagarra Clarice

5th Brian O’Kane – Ravelglen Diamond

6th S & D O’Kane-Ravelglen Primrose

7th William Edwards- Gortnatiobratan Frances 3

8th James McHugh-Ballyreagh Pinky 1

9th Derek Steen-Ballylinney Harriet 4th

10th N & M Moilies – Curraghnakeely Pandora 0429


Senior Heifer Class (Born in 2018) 

1st James McHugh – Curraghnakeely Icicle 0481

2nd S&D O’Kane – Rathcarn Nina

3rd Andrew McConnell – Loughshore Donna

4th Andrew McConnell – Samsonagh Amie

5th Tully Farms – Tully April


Junior Bull Class (Born between 1/1/19 and 31/8/19)  

1st N&M Moilies – Samsonagh Bob

2nd Robert Boyle – Beechmount Commander

3rd Brian O Kane – Ravelglen Davos


Junior Heifer Class (Born between 1/1/19 and 31/8/19)   

1st N&M Moilies – Curraghnakeely Cherry 0518

2nd Sally Crowe – Linglass Bluebell

3rd Sam Smiley – Glassdrummond Cherry 112

4th Sam Smiley – Glassdrummond Cherry 116

5th William Millar – Braefield Sarah 2


Heifer Calf Class (Born after 1st Sept 2019) 

1st N&M Moilies – Curraghnakeely Sylvia 0550

2nd Brian O’Kane – Ravelglen Josie

3rd Seamus Holmes – Dungallia Teeta

4th Alison Boyle – Beechmount Dixie

5th William Edwards – Ballyreagh Crocus 6732


Bull Calf Class (Born after 1st Sept 2019)

1st N&M Moilies – Curraghnakeely Gypsy King

2nd Robert Boyle – Beechmount Big Mac

3rd John Smiley – Glassdrummond Tom 2443

4th N&M Moilies – Curraghnakeely Potter 0552

5th William Edwards – Curraghnakeely Emperor

Non-Haltered Senior Championship

Champion; – C&H Kelly – Woodbine Arthur

Reserve; – William Millar – Braefield Sarah

Non-Haltered Junior Championship 

Champion; – N&M Moilies – Samsonagh Bob

Reserve; – N&M Moilies – Curraghnakeely Cherry 0518


Non-Haltered Calf Championship

Champion; – N&M Moilies – Curraghnakeely Sylvia 0550

Reserve; – Brian O’Kane – Ravelglen Josie


Overall Non-Haltered Championship 

1st C & H Kelly – Woodbine Arthur

2nd William Millar – Braefield Sarah



Heifer Born in 2019   

1st Robert Boyle

2nd Patrick Ferry

3rd Sam Smiley

4th Robert Boyle

5th Gillian Steele


Heifer Calf Born in 2020  

1st S & D O’Kane

2nd Sally Crowe

3rd Rachel Armour

4th Rachel Armour


 Northern Ireland

Novice Champion – William Millar – Braefield Sarah  

Reserve Novice Champion – S & D O’Kane – Fairy Glen Padraig


Republic of Ireland

Novice Champion – Anthony Gilsenan – Ravelglen Rocky

Reserve Novice Champion – Patrick Ferry – Fairy Glen Culchulainn


Great Britain

Novice Champion – Sally Crowe – Linglass Bluebell –

Reserve Novice Champion – Annemarie Stone – Woodhouse Pearl 1


Anthony Gilsenan – Ravelglen Rocky


William Millar – Braefield Sarah