Late Registration Fees – Act Now

Late Registration Fee

Please read the following link thoroughly this contains all the relevant information on the introduction of the late registration fee for females and how to register animals…/

 A grace period has been in place from beginning of February until 1st Sept 2023 when the late registration fee WILL be applied.

Please note that just contacting the Society or making a payment is not sufficient. Queries must be addressed successfully to allow the registration process.

The very generous grace period of 8 months is coming to an end and the late fee can not be avoided come 1st September 2023.

Please remember that we are receiving a high volume of calls and messages. The first port of call is to The Breed Secretary via WhatsApp 07842185008, you need to ensure you include the animals full tag number along with any other detail. Contacting anyone else within the Society will not help and will cause delay.

As always we are here to help but remember your herd including registrations is your responsibility!