Magnificent Moilies Autumn 2023 Sale

Entries are now open for the Society’s Elite Online Spring Sale in conjunction with Harrison and Hetherington, Carlisle. 

Entries are open to animals from GB, NI and ROI.

Please see schedule below on how to enter.

 ‘Magnificent Moilies Autumn Sale Schedule 2023

Society Guidelines

Date of sale – Tue 26th Sept 2023 concluding Thur 28th Sept 2023


Videos, photos and entry forms must be submitted to the Society for inspection by Sat 26th August 2023. Please note all animals entered must be inspected before these photos and videos can be sent to or accepted by H & H (Due to this being an elite sale, after the closing date of Sat 26th August, Inspectors may ask for improved photos and videos or you may want to take better photos and videos, there will be the opportunity to do this but it is recommended to try and have final photos and videos in by 26th August ).   Once inspection has been passed the breed secretary will contact you, but it is then the responsibility of the vendor to submit all to H & H by Sat 9th September via using the details provided. No entries will be accepted without the entry fee paid in full. Send photos and videos via WhatsApp to Society Mobile for inspection 0 (44) 7842 185008

Entry Form


Classes available for BULLS & FEMALES


Bidding starts 7pm on Tuesday 26th September 2023

Bidding finishes 7pm on Thursday 28th September 2023

Catalogue Viewing of Sale Entries available ONLINE from Sat 16th September 2023

ENTRIES CLOSE – final videos submitted to Society – Saturday 26th August 2023 with no exceptions

All Photos and Videos which have passed inspection to be with H&H by Sat 9TH September 2023

Entry fee £20/€25 payable to Society by Sat 26th August 2023 (refunded if entry inspection not passed) If making payment through the Irish Moiled Cattle Society website please send a message to the breed secretary  via WhatsApp 0 (44) 7842 185008 that you have paid your entry fee.

If unsure, please contact the Breed Secretary who will assist.

Please Remember!

All animals should be of elite quality, preferably halter broken, or even at least tied up.

All animals should be TB tested close to the sale to make animals export eligible

Society Inspectors – Chris Ball & Dan Bull

All exhibitors are restricted to a maximum of 2 bulls

Scrotal size recorded at 15mths – 30cm or greater

Weight recording figures if available

Head inspection prior to entry – possible photo or video to clarify no scurs or horns.

All animals must be entered in herd book with no exceptions (or please speak to the Breed Secretary immediately). Herd Book Number must be detailed on entry form.

Myostatin status of animals will be published/displayed in the catalogue.  No animal will be allowed to be sold with an unknown myostatin status.

Docility Scale – animals entered in sale should be between 1-3 on the following scale:

  1. Animal will come up and nudge at you.
  2. You can reach out and touch and scratch the animal.
  3. When you approach an animal it will stand back but not run away.
  4. When approached the animal runs away.
  5. When animal sees someone it runs and jumps out of field.

Send WhatsApp to Society Mobile for inspection 0 (44) 7842 185008

ONLINE TIMED AUCTION works as follows:

The Sale will take place over 3 days – Tuesday 7pm to Thursday 7pm

Entries are open to fully paid up Irish Moiled Cattle Society members.

Cattle will stay on your farm and be sold via photos and videos. Independent inspection of these cattle will take place in stages via WhatsApp only prior to the sale. There are no exceptions. Inspection will be carried out for faults and quality. This will also check for quality of footage.

Registrations preferably using a SNP kit – please remember this is prepaid, pre-printed, and pre-ordered. Please order Hair kits ASAP/speak to the breed secretary immediately.

This is an export sale – cattle need to be TB tested 1 week before the sale. Contact your local vet regarding new BVD rules regarding exporting to ROI.

It is preferred that animals are halter broken – this is highly recommended but may be accepted if at least halter tied. Scrotal size recorded at 15mths – 30cm is required.

Additional information regarding the animal can be submitted on the entry form – the entry form must include a docility score and in turn this must be reflected in the footage.

Only approved entries in our online sale will be advertised on the IMCS website in the 1 month prior to the sale. Therefore, advertising on our website is suspended for a month running up to sale days.

Sale entries are classed in age order oldest to youngest and based on the predominant sex of the sale i.e. females first.

Up to 4 final images and a video of the sale entries to be submitted to H&H.

Reserve prices for all entries will be taken from the vendors prior to the sale – H&H auctioneers to receive this information.

A full sale catalogue will be on display through the Society and H&H auctioneers’ website (as per normal).

Bidders can enter a maximum bid. Bidders are notified if they have been outbid on any lot.

There is also a ‘Buy Now’ option for buyers.

The bidding will finish at one minute intervals to allow purchasers the opportunity to bid in on other entry lots.

If there is a fast pace of bids at the end of any lot, then the finishing time is extended – similar to the live ringside bidding until one bidder gives in.

To help you understand how the system will operate, previous sales have already been up and running through H&H Ltd and all the details for the On-Line Timed Auctions and how they will operate can be found on their website at –


Each Lot will be sold in pounds sterling (£) and a buyers’ premium of 5% (plus VAT) will be added to the bid price.

Entry fee is payable to the IMCS. A vendor’s commission of 5% (plus VAT) is chargeable.

All statements in the catalogue at the time of sale along with the correct identification of the animals are the entire responsibility of the Vendors. The Society or the Auctioneers take no personal responsibility for the correctness of such statements or identities.


The Sales will be held under the Auction Rules and Conditions of Sale drawn up by the L.A.A. The Sales will be held subject to these rules and the Auctioneers’ General Conditions of Sale, both available on request. In the event of any discrepancy between the two sets of conditions, the L.A.A. Conditions of Sale shall prevail.

Information Displayed on the On-Line Timed Auction:

Animal Sale Details – each entry will have its own page (just like a normal sale catalogue page) and there will be facility to have the full pedigree link which will also be linked back to the Breed Society website to search through the back pedigree information.

All entries are subject to Society Inspection.

All animals to be registered – no exceptions.

Footnotes – this information within the completed sale catalogue will also be added to the Online web page with a maximum of up to 30 words included, just like a normal H&H sale catalogue.

Images/Videos – to support the animals you will be offering for sale, the images and video supplied will be on view on the webpage to assist in the marketing of each entry.

  1. Up to four images/photos can be supplied in a high resolution, landscape viewing (if the photos are taken on a mobile phone please make sure the phone is turned on its side).
  2. All images to be supplied in a jpeg format. Please make sure the background and surrounding area of where the photo is being taken is presentable. The video only requires to be between 30 – 40 seconds long.
  3. Still images should be taken on concrete or other hard surface, so feet and legs can be seen clearly.
  4. Sideway Views
  5. Rear/three quarter side views
  6. Front/three quarter side views
  7. The presentation area/background of where the images and video are taken are a key element to the final process, please remember to be aware of what is around the animals when doing this.
  8. All images and videos to be sent in the following methods –
  9. WhatsApp (contact number 07739049056). This is the H&H number.
  10. Email – 
  11. We Transfer
  12. Dropbox
  13. Please ensure each image and video is identified with the animal’s name or tag number, as this will make things so much easier for placing the information against each lot.

H&H Ltd will release sale proceeds once confirmation of sale animal(s) have been delivered to the successful purchaser after the Auction. Preferably all payments will be made by BACS system, for further information please email H&H Ltd at  for more information of the BACS system.

The movement/haulage of purchased animal(s) will be agreed between vendor and purchaser.

The purchaser will have 24 hours following delivery to satisfy the soundness of the animal(s). Any disputes from the sale of animals to be notified to the auctioneers within 24 hours of arrival along with a veterinary certificate to justify any faults.

Auctioneers: HARRISON & HETHERINGTON LTD Borderway Mart, Rosehill, Carlisle CA1 2RS Tel – 01228 406230