Magnificent Moilies Spring Bull Sale


After a phenomenally successful Online Timed Auction in autumn 2020, the Irish Moiled Cattle Society sale committee have taken the steps to organise another Online Timed Auction in spring 2021 to sell elite pedigree Irish Moiled bulls along with a smaller number of females. Numbers in the Auction will be restricted, 15 of the best bulls and 10 of the best females will be selected from all entries received.

The classes for bulls and females are as follows: –

Bulls – Under 1 year, 1-2 years, 2 years and over

Females – Under a year, maiden heifers not in calf, in-calf heifers/Cows.

Images and videos submitted by the breeder of the animals to be considered for sale will be inspected by elected independent inspectors Chris Ball and Mark Logan. There will be an entry fee of £15/€18 payable to the Society (refunded if entry inspection not passed).

Harrison & Hetherington, Auctioneers, Carlisle are delighted to be part of this new venture for the breed.  The sale will follow the same format as that of the Magnificent Moilie Autumn Sale, by way of a virtual online timed auction taking place from noon on Thursday 6th May concluding noon Sat 8th May.

If you are entering a young animal that is not yet registered please note that the hair sample needs to be with the breed secretary Gillian by the 1st February 2021.

View full schedule and Download entry form from H&H website here (Scroll to Irish Moiled)

All animals to be registered – no exceptions.

Preliminary videos and images will need to be submitted by Sat 27th March 2021.

Images/Videos – to support the animals you will be offering for sale, the images and video supplied will be on view on the webpage to assist in the marketing of each entry.

  1. Up to four images/photos can be supplied in a high resolution, landscape viewing (if the photos are taken on a mobile phone please make sure the phone is turned on its side).
  2. All images to be supplied in a jpeg format. Please make sure the background and surrounding area of where the photo is being taken is presentable. The video only requires to be between 30 – 40 seconds long.
  • Still images should be taken on concrete or other hard surface, so feet and legs can be seen clearly.
  • Sideway Views
  • Rear/three quarter side views
  • Front/three quarter side views
  1. The presentation area/background of where the images and video are taken are a key element to the final process, please remember to be aware of what is around the animals when doing this.
  2. All images and videos to be sent in the following methods –
  • WhatsApp (contact number +44 7842185008)
  • Email –
  1. Please ensure each image and video is identified with the animal’s name or tag number, as this will make things so much easier for placing the information against each lot.

Meantime if you have any queries or an animal suitable for the sale please contact the breed secretary Gillian via email as soon as possible.