Membership Clinic

Due to the volume of membership applications we are currently receiving due to the ACRES scheme we are running a:

‘Membership Clinic’ on Tuesday 15th November 10am-2pm

This will be for those who need to follow up their membership.

Confirmation of membership letters are being sent out this weekend via email and therefore Tuesday is a ‘mop up’ for anyone requiring it.

On Tuesday please ring or WhatsApp +44 (0)7842185008.

As always, please be patient. We will respond in due course but you must have completed the membership application, GDPR form, ICBF form and shown proof of payment.

Online membership payment does not apply for membership – you must forward appropriate forms.

All forms can be downloaded here please send membership forms to and ICBF authorisation form to .

Letters already issued during 2022 will NOT be repeated. If you have misplaced this, please check your previous emails. There is a £10/€10 fee for replacements as per our fees section.

For further resources on being a breeder of Irish Moiled Cattle please check out our New Members Page