New Irish Moilie Beef Group

The newly set up Irish Moilie beef group is working on a website specifically designed for the promotion of certified Irish Moilie Beef.

The aim of the group is to promote  Moilie beef, and the people involved with breeding, finishing, and selling it either through beef boxes, farm shops, restaurants, or other outlets.

Anyone with a genuine interest in promoting themselves and the sale of their Certified Irish Moilie beef are welcome to put forward a small profile of their business including some pictures and a link to their contact details or website to  for inclusion on the website.

Any testimonials from  chefs or customers would be welcome as well .

Please include details of any awards you have picked up with the beef.

If anyone has any articles on how  they raise their cattle in an environmentally sustainable  way they would also be welcome.

Also any tips on selling from farm to fork would be appreciated.

There is a small window over the next couple of weeks to get your details posted free of charge on the page as this is likely to command a payment going forward .

Anyone listed will be agreeing to sell only certified pedigree Irish Moilie beef through the scheme .

So, if you are a breeder finishing cattle or a chef, wholesaler, Retailer, or an on-farm shop please get in touch.

Establishing a sustainable market for our premium product is the most major step going forward for the Irish Moiled Breed and one all breeders should be championing.

The group is looking for a suitable event / Venue to launch the website pre-Easter and has secured the services of celebrity chef Paula McIntyre to cook for us at such an Event. Any suggestions would be welcome for consideration.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Brian O’Kane (Co-ordinator of the Agri-Food Co-Operation Scheme)