Online Show Results 2023


The champion of champions honour in the International Online Irish Moiled show went to the 3-year-old, second calver cow, Burren Princess Pandora exhibited by N & M Moilies (Nigel Edwards and Michelle McCauley) of Dungannon, Co. Tyrone. Princess Pandora is classified at VG89 points, the maximum points a 2nd calver can achieve and is sired by Castledale Maurice EX94 bred by Gordon Stockdale and out of Curraghnakeely Pandora 7th EX94 bred by Nigel Edwards.

Judging the classes in both the haltered section and the non-haltered section was Irish Moiled breeder Sally Crowe from Keiss, Scotland.  With well over 100 entries in total which equated to the mass number of 318 photographs and 112 videos, Sally had the task of picking her top animals in each of the classes which then went to public vote on Facebook. 

The haltered section was to see the public’s final vote go mainly towards 2 animals in the senior category.  Two outstanding animals in the breed both with maximum classification points for their age went head-to-head in what was a show full of quality animals. It was a two-horse race with the tremendous stock bull belonging to Brian O’Kane of Martinstown, Co. Antrim, Woodbine Casper EX97 who demonstrates width, muscle, and power, with great locomotion for a senior bull against the young 3-year-old, 2nd calver cow belonging to N&M Moilies, Burren Princess Pandora VG89, a cow full of breed character oozing power with femineity. It ended up a tie breaker between the two animals and judge Sally Crowe decided that both animals duly deserved to go through to the champion of champions to meet the overall champion of the non-haltered section.

Champion of Champions – Burren Princess Pandora
Overall Reserve Champion of Champions – Woodbine Casper

The non-haltered section was straightforward with the young homebred cow of Sam Smiley of Ballynahinch, Co. Down, Glassdrummond Cherry 116 (M1) EX92 with an excellent mammary, conformation, and locomotion, who caught the eye of all the public voting. In the final championship she was consistently placed 1st by everyone who voted. Reserve champion in the non-haltered section went to the homebred yearling heifer of Nigel Edwards of Tempo, Co. Fermanagh, Curraghnakeely Sylvia 0594 a typically coloured heifer who had a lovely presence and again full of breed character and power.

Non Haltered Champion and 2nd Overall Reserve Champion of Champions Cherry 116 (M1) EX92
Reserve Champion in Non Haltered Section – Curraghnakeely Sylvia 0594

The final day of online voting was certainly intense between the champion of champions line up of Burren Princess Pandora, Woodbine Casper and Glassdrummond Cherry 116 (M1). At the end of the voting time, it was a close call between Burren Princess Pandora and Woodbine Casper, the final count using the points system used, calculated that the champion of champions title went to Burren Princess Pandora closely followed by Woodbine Casper taking the reserve champion of champions title with second to reserve champion going to Glassdrummond Cherry 116 (M1).

This year’s show had 10 new breeders enter the online competition with beautifully presented cattle, the winner of this year’s novice section went to Robert McKelvey of Castlederg, Co. Tyrone with his eye-catching stock bull Beauty Hill Jameson with reserve champion novice going to Dermot McGeady of Derry City, Co. Derry/Londonderry with Dring Cu Chulain a young bull with a promising future.

Huge praise was given by the Judge to the two young handlers who entered the show.  Olivia Haywood represented the GB constituency with a lovely junior heifer and Dermot McGeady Jnr represented the NI constituency with a junior bull.

Judges round up (Sally Crowe)

Wow! what a week that has been.

Over 100 entries, which breaks down into 318 photos, 112 videos, and countless WhatsApp messages later, we have a worthy Champion in Burren Princess Pandora.

It was a close-run battle this last 2 days of the show between Princess Pandora and Casper. They are both fantastic cattle with loads of breed character and turned out to perfection. They are a credit to their owners and breeders.

It’s been a privilege to be asked to judge the online show. and a huge amount of work behind the scenes. I think online is the only way we would ever be able to judge so many of the best cattle from each constituency against each in one show. And for a rare breed to have over 100 cattle take part in one show is fantastic.

The non haltered senior cow class stood out for me, not just for the sheer number of entries, 22 this year, but also for the standard of cattle. You didn’t make my job very easy at all!! To pick the top 6 cattle took a long time and a lot of going backwards and forwards between videos of each cow. I think I had 9 videos playing on my screen at once to try to compare and pick my top 6.

Glassdrummond Cherry 116 (M1) was a standout for me from the start, in class 7A and in the show. I really liked her from the minute her first photo came through. She is a lovely correct cow, who shows herself of well, even in her working clothes.

Special mention must go to our 2 young handlers, Olivia Haywood, and Dermot McGeady Jr.

To put yourselves forward to be judged at such young ages takes courage. Keep practising, keep turning up and keep enjoying yourselves. Hopefully you will both get out to shows where you can chat to folk and pick up more tips and tricks. I hope you both have a long future ahead of you with the Moillies.

I believe it was Dermot and his father’s first time showing, so well done to both of you. Dermot snr was reserve champion novice with Drinh Cu Chalian. You guys had a great day.

Champion in the novice section went to Robert McKelvey with Beauty Hill Jamison.

It was also Ruth Mulvaney’s first show. I think I gave poor Ruth a fright asking her to get a new video of her heifer walking, with a pretty short deadline. Well done on pulling it together Ruth.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter, especially new members and our two young members, the standard of cattle entered was outstanding. 

Results of the Haltered Section

Cow class

1st. Burren Princess Pandora – N & M Moilies

2nd. Clandeboye Louella – William Edwards

3rd. Ravelglen Dolly – Brian O’Kane

Senior bull class

1st. Woodbine Casper – Brian O’Kane

Intermediate Heifer class

1st. Curraghnakeely Sylvia 0563 – Nigel Edwards

2nd Ravelglen Ramona 2nd – Brian O’Kane

3rd Curraghnakeely Cherry 0573 – Nigel Edwards

Junior Heifer class

1st Curraghnakeely Bluebell 0618 – N & M Moilies

2nd. Curraghnakeely Cherry 0616 – N & M Moilies

3rd. Shanrahan Aisling – Eimer McGrath

Junior bull class

1st. Glassdrummond Bluebird 2561 – N & M Moilies

Heifer calf class

1st. Burren Royal Pandora – N & M Moilies

2nd. Ravelglen Ramona 422 – Brian O’Kane

3rd. Ballyreagh Lily 6783 – William Edwards

Bull calf class

1st. Curraghnakeely Crecendo – Nigel Edwards

2nd. Ravelglen Owney 2 – Brian O’Kane

Results of the Non-Haltered Section

Cow class

1st. Glassdrummond Cherry 116 (M1) – Sam Smiley

2nd. Curraghankeely Penny-Lee 0557 – Nigel Edwards

3rd. Glassdrummond Cherry 112 – Sam Smiley

Senior bull class

1st. Curraghankeely Masterpiece – Sam Smiley

2nd Beauthy Hill Jameson – Robert McKelvey

3rd Ballyknock Toro – William Edwards

Intermediate Heifer class

1st. Curraghankeely Bluebell 0581 – Nigel Edwards

2nd. Glassdrummond Cherry 122 – Sam Smiley

3rd. Tullyarden Bernie – Dermot McGeady

Intermediate Bull class

1st. Croaghorm Limited Edition – William Halligan

Junior Heifer class

1st. Curraghnakeely Sylvia 0594 – Nigel Edwards

2nd Curraghnakeely Cherry 0617 – Nigel Edwards

3rd Glassdrummond Cherry 130 – Sam Smiley

Junior Bull class

1st. Dring Cu Chulain – Dermot McGeady

2nd Glassdrummond Magician – R + M Garrett

Heifer calf class

1st. Curraghnakeely Peenylee 0625 – Nigel Edwards

2nd Glassdrummond Cherry 133 – Sam Smiley

3rd. Summerville Templecoran – R + M Garrett

Bull calf class

1st Cuuraghnakeely Casemiro – Nigel Edwards

2nd Curraghnakeely Cyb – Nigel Edwards

3rd. Sommerville Teeshan – M + R Garrett

On behalf of the Irish Moiled Cattle Society, chairperson Michelle McCauley thanked Sally for all her hard work, judging, editing, and promoting the show each evening on Facebook.

Next on the Irish Moiled Calender is the H & H  Autumn Magnificent Moilie Online Timed auction will be taking place online through auctioneers Harrison and Hetherington from Tues 26th September concluding Thurs 28th September. For anyone wanting to find out more about the sale or wishing to register to bid please contact breed secretary on ++44 7842185008 or email Gillian