Photographic Competition Results 2019


This year’s members IMCS photographic competition was judged by ROI Director Tom Hourigan who farms his herd of ‘Caherline Irish Moiled cattle at Caherconlish, Co. Limerick.

Due to the new online entry format of the competition this year, saw a larger number of entries from members. Tom thanked everyone who took the time to send photographs commenting on how high of standard the photographs were, made it not an easy task to judge. Tom judged the individual classes with his first prize winners of each of the classes going to public vote on the Irish Moiled Cattle Society facebook page to choose the overall champion and reserve champion photo. 

Congratulations to James and Ciara White of Co. Wexford for winning champion photo with their senior male class winner, Beechmount Nordic, a 5 year old bull bred by Robert Boyle of Co. Down, also congratulations to N & M Moilies of Co. Tyrone for winning reserve champion with their senior female class winner, Glassdrummond Cherry 58th a 7 year old cow bred by Sam Smiley of County Down.

The Scenic/Novelty winner was Alastair Christie from Co. Antrim with an outstanding photo of his Irish Moiled cattle standing along a hedge captioned “Line of Duty”.

Judges’ comments

 “When judging this year’s competition, I looked for animals that were more of a terminal animal within the breed, while also paying due regard to the breed characteristics.

The senior male winner Beechmount Nordic – while being a predominantly white bull, it is impossible to ignore this bull’s quality, a well-developed bull all round. The senior female winner was Glassdrummond Cherry 58th a typically marked cow with length and a very nice udder. The junior male class winner was Curraghnakeely Clover, a lovely typically marked young bull. The junior female class winner was Curraghnakeely Pandora 0490, again a typically marked animal. Looking forward to seeing her in her prime. The winner of the scenic/ novelty class was a photo captioned…’Line of duty’, it must have taken quite some time to arrange a photo like that”.

 Class 1 – Junior Female
1st Curraghnakeely Pandora 0490 – N & M Moilies
2nd Beechmount Anne – Robert Boyle
3rd Corduff Svenga – Phillip Moynagh
4th Ravelglen Annie – Rachael Armour
5th Oakgrove Meghan Ella – Stiofan O Deorain
6th Ballyshannon Violet 2 – Robert Moore

Class 2 – Junior Male
1st Curraghnakeely Clover – Andrew Montgomery
2nd Curraghnakeely Masterpiece – Robert Boyle
3rd Atlantic High Tide- Albert Baxter
4th Glassdrummond Brexiteer – N & M Moilies
5th Deerpark Declan – Brian O Kane
6th Curraghnakeely Edward 0516 – N & M Moilies

Class 3 – Senior Female
1st Glassdrummond Cherry 58th – N & M Moilies
2nd Glassdrummond Tulip 18 – Robert Berry
3rd Glassdrummond Cherry 65 – Sam Smiley
4th Woodbine Cherry – Ciara and Jim White
5th Glassdrummond Primrose – Sam Smiley
6th Glassdrummond Daisy – Robert Boyle

Class 4 – Senior Male
1st Beechmount Nordic – Ciara and Jim White
2nd Waikato Alister – N & M Moilies
3rd Woodbine Casper – Brian O Kane
4th Tyrone Firecracker – Robert Boyle
5th Latton Rick – N & M Moilies
6th Corduff Matt – Stiofan O Deorain

Class 5 – Scenic/Novelty
1st Line of Duty – Alastair Christie
2nd Aren’t I mootiful – Rachael Armour
3rd I’ll just squeeze in here! – Stiofan O Deorain
4th Marsh-Moilies – N & M Moilies
5th Storm Brewing – Albert Baxter
6th Move me now – Brain O Kane

Overall Champion and Senior Male winner – Beechmount Nordic – Ciara and Jim White
Reserve Overall Champion and Senior Female winner – Glassdrummond Cherry 58th – N & M Moilies
Junior Female winner – Curraghnakeely Pandora 0490 – N & M Moilies
Junior Male winner – Curraghnakeely Clover – Andrew Montgomery
Scenic/Novelty winner – Line of Duty – Alastair Christie