Register to bid – Magnificent Moilies Sale

PRIORITY! It is essential that you ‘REGISTER TO BID’ for our upcoming ‘Magnificent Moilies’ sale well in advance of the sale.

Tap here and follow the guidance.

This process is simple if you watch the video and proceed to the website to complete registration.

The second and final step is registering with an ‘auctioneer’ in this case its H&H. You will receive a ‘registration submitted’ message.  You will then get a confirmation email in due course.

Even if you do not plan to bid, registration will give you access to a watchlist for items you are interested in and show more options on screen than viewers that are not logged in or do not have an account so registering well in advance of the sale is highly recommended.

All this info can be found on the H&H website, our website. It only takes a few minutes and don’t forget, we are here to help…just ask!