Birth Notification and Registration

Birth Notification

All animals should ideally be Birth Notified by the time they are 30 days old and must be Birth Notified prior to sending hair samples for registration. All females should be registered by the time they are 1 year old otherwise they will incur a late registration fee.

Birth notifications can be completed online – if the sire is not in your herd for any reason (sold or AI) you may be able to ‘search’ the animals name – be sure to spell correctly and please ensure full names are used i.e Shamrock Daisy 2 and Shamrock Daisy 22 are completely different animals.

Birth Notification Forms are still printable from the website (see opposite) and can be emailed or posted to the Breed Secretary if you are not confident online.

Birth Notification form – As of November 2017 a new birth notification form is in use. The form not only records ‘calving ease’ and ‘colour’ but also ‘weight’. Please enter this in kilos. The new form also has an option to tick ‘Birth Cert Required’. As a Society we aim to reduce unnecessary resources and from November 2017 we will refrain from posting birth certificates out unless requested.

If you have any queries please email the Breed Secretary.


The Society are currently undertaking a major DNA project to update testing techniques from Microsatelite testing to SNP testing.

The Registration protocol has changed for DNA testing since March 2021 please refer to your latest ‘Society Summary’ mailing here  or contact the Breed Secretary


Payment Portal

Colour guide

Irish Moileds come in a wide range of colour markings! This guide is an aid to choose the one which best represents the animal being Birth Notified