Society Fees

Appendix 1 – Fees

Society Membership (Due 1st January each year) 

If paid by Standing Order, cheque or Paypal before 31st January

If paid after 31st January



Birth NotificationFree

DNA & Registration

Full Registration of females

Full Registration of Males (including genetic evaluation)£75/€85
Registration of Herd Prefix£20/€25
Transfer of OwnershipFree

Replacement Registration Card

Replacement ‘Confirmation of Membership’ Cards/Letters



Hard Copy of the Herd Book£10/€12

Registration of Embryo Transfer Calves

Normal Registration Fee Applies

(£10/€12 + DNA)

Classification Scoring

Cost per visit for up to 10 cows classified
More than 10 cows to be classified at the time
Bulls – separate per head
Please contact Hon. Registrar for current cost:

Please contact Hon. Registrar

for current costs

Please Note – Euros will be fixed for one year, reviewed at the first available Directors’ meeting of each year and adjusted according to the exchange rate on the date of the meeting.

Last revised – Board Meeting 20.01.2017 (GS) Fees amended 12/01/2021 (GS)