The Moilie Story

The Moilie Story

The Irish Moiled cow is an ancient hornless breed of cattle native to the island of Ireland. It is the only surviving native breed in Northern Ireland. Traditionally a medium sized breed used for meat and milk. They live long and can calve well into their teens.

Irish Moiled beef is a premium beef reared by a team of dedicated breeders using traditional farming methods in a highly ethical environment. Rearing standards are set out by the Irish Moiled cattle society. Each animal comes with a certificate issued by the Society. This certificate proves the animal is 100% Irish Moiled pure bred backed up with DNA parenting tests carried out by the society. The society encourages all purveyors to be registered or supplied by a registered wholesaler.

The breed has a very low environmental impact and are used In many instances in specialised conservation grazing projects. The breed can graze on a wide variety of plants including ash, ivy and willow. Their grazing helps to encourage growth of a wide range of plants and flora. The variety of forage and the slow speed of growth adds to the depth of flavour in the meat.

Irish moiled beef is predominantly fed on a grass-based system with outside grazing all year round possible. Where the ground conditions allow. Grass is made into hay and silage for feed in the winter months and a small amount of grain in times of hardship.

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Irish moiled beef is a premium beef which contains a higher level of intramuscular fat or marbling with a  fine
distinctive buttery flavour that coats the mouth while eating.

Irish Moilie beef packs a strong beefy taste and stands alone without sauces and added ingredients. The beef is particularly suitable for use in a system, that embraces the use of the whole carcass. The cheaper cuts speak for themselves with succulence and tenderness that will allow chefs to explore a wide variety of uses with confidence that the flavour will stand on its own.

The story of the Irish Moiled cattle breed is one of survival through the ages. These cattle have shared space on this island with us for generations and have relied on us for survival as we have them. It is a partnership that with the help of a group of dedicated breeders and continued support from the beef buying public. We will continue for generations to come.


Beef from these traditional grass-fed systems have many health benefits over lot or shed based systems:
1. High in omega 3’s
2. High in CLA (conjugate linoleic acid) a nutrient associated with lowering heart disease and cancer risk
3. High in vitamins A & E – maintains healthy skin and eyes
4. Healthier fats than grain fed
5. Added antioxidant (beta carotene)
Beef reared in this system take longer to mature and cost more to produce. We in the Irish Moiled cattle
society think it’s worth it in order to produce a superior premium product.